Neurosurgery and Pain Specialists is a multi-disciplinary practice located in central North Carolina. Dr. Curling is the founder and primary physician provider in the practice. Dr. Curling is a neurosurgeon who has practiced in central NC since 1991, though in recent years has focused primarily on non-surgical management of brain, spine, and peripheral nerve injuries, as well as treatment of other related pain issues. He has a particular interest in medicolegal cases, and regularly performs Independent Neurosurgical Evaluations (IMEs), second surgical opinions, rating evaluations, and records' reviews, while also maintaining an active clinical practice focused predominantly on treatment of chronic pain problems.

In addition to the neurosurgical expertise of Dr. Curling, the practice also utilizes the expertise of other providers as appropriate in an effort to help patients maximize their recovery following injury. The practice regularly works with Dr. Timothy Webster, a psychologist specializing in the management of chronic pain patients. While a primary goal is often to reduce pain, it is equally important that the reduction in perceived pain leads to an increase in function and therefore functional rehabilitation is often coupled with medical pain management. The primary physical therapist utilized by the practice is Ms. Mary Ann Bush, an experienced therapist who uses an individualized, "hands on" approach for each and every patient.

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