Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us via phone, fax, or email (email is usually the most efficient). The addresses and numbers are listed below. Phone messages may be left on the office number below or preferably you may email the appropriate party directly at the addresses listed below. Note that voicemail messages will not usually be addressed until the following business day. As such, emergent concerns should not be left on our voicemail; rather, if you feel that you have an emergent issue, then you should call 911 or visit your local emergency room for evaluation.  

If you wish to proceed with scheduling a patient/claimant for an evaluation, please contact us and provide your name, fax number, and email address so that we may fax or email a copy of the referral request form to you. Or you may find these forms online at the bottom of our webpage entitled "Info for Schedulers". These forms can be completed (entered online or printed and handwritten/typed) and returned to us via mail/fax/email. Following receipt of the referral form, we will proceed with the scheduling process.

Mailing Address (for all correspondence, records, etc. sent via US Postal Service):

PO Box 100

Walkertown, NC 27051

Physical Office Address (should be used for FedEx or UPS delivery):

1311 Westbrook Plaza Drive

Suite 104

Winston Salem, NC 27103 

Telephone (Dr. Curling and General Practice): 336/409-4847

Facsimile (Dr. Curling and General Practice): 336/450-1001

Electronic mail: 

[email protected] (for direct contact with Dr. Del Curling)

[email protected] (Jan Curling, Office Manager)

[email protected] (Megan Curling, Receptionist)

[email protected] (for direct contact with Mary Ann Bush, Physical Therapist)

[email protected] (for submission of referral requests and/or forms)

[email protected] (for any general informational requests)