Introduction to the Practice

Dr. Curling has been in the practice of Neurosurgery in North Carolina since 1991 and has worked in various practice settings, including Carolina Neurosurgical Associates, Winston Neurological and Spinal Surgery Associates, Neurosurgical Evaluations of the Carolinas, and Preferred Pain Management & Spine Care, with previous office locations in Winston Salem, Kernersville, Charlotte, Greensboro, and New Bern. After being in practice for several years and after performing several thousand brain, spine, and nerve surgeries, Dr. Curling underwent multiple spine surgeries himself. Due to persistent difficulty with prolonged standing as a result of his own back injuries, he stopped performing major surgical procedures and has since pursued a strictly office-based practice, focused on evaluation and predominantly non-operative treatment of neurosurgical issues. In December of 2012, he left the typical pain clinic environment in which he had most recently practiced to return to a practice setting that would allow more time to focus on individualized evaluation and management of complex neurosurgical and other pain problems. 

The primary goal of the practice is to fully evaluate individuals and then recommend and/or utilize a broad range of appropriate interventional and non-interventional modalities aimed at expeditiously helping patients minimize their pain, recover from their injuries, and return to a more functional state. A secondary goal of the practice is to help all parties realize the efficiencies to be gained by having patients evaluated early in their course by a specialist who looks at the big picture and whose goal is develop a tailored approach to navigate the patient from injury to MMI and a return to productivity, thereby avoiding the all too frequent approach of having the patient wind their way over the course of months or years between multiple providers and multiple practices, with no single individual coordinating care. Although many services are available "in house" within the practice, for those modalities not presently available, Dr. Curling will facilitate referral for those services, while continuing to coordinate care as appropriate.